An online workshop about resourcing 

We all have shitty days sometimes. We all know there are days where everything seems to go wrong and it just feels hopeless. It can range from PMSsing heavily; it being cold, dark and rainy outside; stress at work; trouble with the family; relationships breaking; financial instability; unbearable and rationally unexplainable fear; the lease is ending and no new home in sight and on top of everything there is a global pandemic that doesn’t allow us to travel.. On these days getting out of bed is an achievement, being nice to others is nothing but an effort, maintaining a conversation is a struggle and the tears just won’t stop flowing. 

There are different tools and techniques we have at our disposal that we can use in face of these events but are not aware of. Or you already have a long list of nurturing resources that you know are good for you, e.g. meditation, yoga, movement, going for a walk – but you just can’t get yourself to do something uplifting when the shit hits the fan. 

In this workshop we will: 

  • Try out different grounding & nurturing meditations
  • Talk about and practice relaxing pranayama that calms the nervous system and soothes the mind
  • Bring in different types of movement
  • Explore different kinds of resources we have at hand 
  • Make a list of personal resources that we can draw from when it gets difficult
  • Exchange ideas and best practices 

You will receive a grounding meditation and the audio recording of the class to download.

Date & time 

3rd of November 

20 – 22h 

If you cannot attend the actual call, an audio recording will be made available after the class.

Energy Exchange

Sliding range between 5-12 Euro

Pay what you can afford

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You can use the sign-up form below or directly PayPal the amount to:

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any other questions! 

About Lily 

I am 32 years old and live in Berlin. I work as a Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator mostly for women, offering online courses and 1:1 sessions about feminine sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Currently, I’m a Psychosexual Somatics Therapy Coach in training. 

A similar event will be held in German on November 12th

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